How to get rid of plant aphids using biological remedies

How to get rid of plant aphids using biological remedies

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The plant aphids they are among the most common pests that we can find on garden trees or horticultural crops. Of these lice there are countless species. Let's see which are the most common in Italy, how they act and what types of damage they can cause to our plants. There are many biological remedies to eliminate these aphids without using chemical pesticides. Let's understand what they are, starting, first of all, from its natural predators and showing you a whole range of other eco-sustainable solutions.

But let's start in order and get to know aphids a little better.

The large family of plant aphids

Aphids, known as plant lice, they are a real superfamily. In the world there are about 4,800 different species, of which just over 1,300 in Europe. The very harmful ones are about 250.
For this reason, correct entomological identification is by no means simple.
Here is the generally accepted taxonomy in science:

  • Domain: Eukaryota
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Sub-kingdom: Eumetazoa
  • Division: Bilateria
  • Subdivision: Protostomy - Phylum Arthropoda - Subphylum Hexapoda
  • Class: Insecta
  • Subclass: Pterygota
  • Infraclass: Neoptera - Paraneoptera cohort
  • Order: Hemiptera (synonyms Rhyncota, Cimicida, Homoptera + Heteroptera)
  • Suborders: Heteroptera, Sternorrhynca, Coleorrhynca, Auchenorrhynca.

Aphids belong to the suborder Sternorrhynca, which in turn is divided into:

  • Infraorder: Aphidomorpha
  • Superfamilies: Aphidoidea, Phylloxeroidea, Aleyroidoidea, Coccoidea, Psylloidea.

The Aphidoidea superfamily is divided into eight other families including theAphididae, that is the one of our interest.

The most problematic aphid species for vegetables, fruit trees and plants

It is clear that it is not possible to make a list of all the aphid species of the plants present in our area. So let's limit ourselves to the main ones, which we often encounter and which can cause serious damage to our crops.

  • Aphis gossypii, which particularly attacks plants of the cucurbit family (zucchini, cucumbers, melons, pumpkin)
  • Aphis fabae, better known as black aphid, parasite of crops such as: Fava beans, chard, tomatoes, green beans
  • Myzus persicae, very problematic for the peach tree and other stone fruit.
  • Macrosiphum rosae or aphid of the rose.
  • Myzus cerasi or black aphid of the cherry tree.
  • Brachycaudus cardui, or brownish-green aphid of the artichoke, which usually attacks plants belonging to the Asteraceae family.
  • Aphis citricola, better known as the green aphid of the citrus fruits, which in addition to citrus fruits attacks the vine, the rose and several horticultural species.
  • Brevicoryne brassicae, or aphid of the cauliflower, a species that mainly attacks crucifers.

We could go on for a long time with the species, but let's say that these are the main ones. As you may have noticed, there is a close connection between the species nomenclature and the plants concerned, even though most aphids have some mobility.

Damage to crops

Attack of aphids on a branch

Aphids, phytophagous and polyphagous insects, with their pungent sucking mouthparts, attack plants by piercing the surface of the leaves, small branches and shoots, in order to suck their sap and feed.
Infestations on the plant organs cause deformations, necrosis, curling and yellowing of the leaves. These, depending on the severity and timing of the attacks, cause severe production losses.
Furthermore, aphids have the characteristic of producing secondary damage. Among these, an annoying honeydew, which attracts ants causing further problems for the plants. And the fumaggine, that is the black patina that forms on the upper surface of the leaves after a long period of infestation.

In addition to these, indirect damage is also very worrying, i.e. the transmission of viral diseases, which are very serious in some crops.
Insects, through their saliva, inoculate various types of viruses into plants. An example is the famous virus of sadness of citrus fruits, transmitted by the green aphid Aphis citricola.

Finally, there is also an important aesthetic damage. This is especially true in leafy vegetable infestations, which become no longer marketable.
For these reasons in conventional agriculture to eliminate aphids we resort to treatments with pesticides, all harmful to humans and the entire ecosystem.

Biological defense, predatory insects

There are several biological remedies against plant aphids. These, used together, are an integrated defense strategy that can avoid the dispersion of dangerous pesticides into the environment. The first natural remedy against these lice is represented by predatory insects. These are insects that are not harmful to plants, which feed on aphids. The presence of these natural predators is only possible in an environment rich in biodiversity, where no pesticides are used. Conventional treatments do not distinguish between good and harmful insects, and eliminate the ability of the environment to maintain a balance.

Among the natural predators greedy for aphids we have the ladybugs, in particular the most widespread Ladybird Septempunctat, common ladybug or seven-point, and the Adalia Bipunctata, that is the ladybird of the colon. Think that a single ladybug can devour 100 aphids in one day.
Other natural predators of aphids are some species of hymenoptera, chrysopes and hoverflies.

Natural macerates as a prevention

In organic farming prevention is the best weapon to defend oneself. Whatever the problem, one must always ensure that critical conditions do not occur, or in any case provide immediate solutions to the problems.
In this direction we have already talked about macerates and natural preparations, that is the macerated nettle, L'garlic infusion, the macerate of tomato leaves and feminelle, the fern macerate, the decoction and horsetail macerate.
They are all natural remedies that are easy to self-produce, also useful in biological defense against plant aphids.

Let's be clear, those listed are not insecticides, but rather pesticide repellents. This means that, when they are sprayed on the insect, they do not kill it directly, but annoy and drive it away. Therefore, the ideal would be to use them even before the infestation occurs. This is useful to prevent aphids from attacking and damaging the plants. For example, sprinkling a little nettle macerate when the plant is clean will prevent the problem from arising.
If the infestation has already started with the first appearances on the leaves, the natural preparation is still effective. It is no longer so when the outbreaks of insects are so strong that they no longer suffer the repellent action. And with aphids this happens very often.

Pure soap from Marseille

If, on the other hand, the aphid infestation of plants has exploded, there is nothing left to do but intervene with more energy. To do this, the Marseille soap. Aphids are soft-bodied insects, and it is precisely on these that soap has the best efficacy. Use the soap and water solution early in the morning, hitting and wetting the insects directly. As soon as the sun comes out, the soap film will dry up on the body of the aphid, preventing it from breathing and thus killing it.

Another advantage of soap is that it is very effective in solving secondary problems resulting from this type of infestation. Let's talk about honeydew and fumaggine. A good formulation of soap and water is in fact able to completely clean the plant.
One piece of advice we give is to always add a little soap to the natural macerates, in this way we will have a double effect.
A good specific product for agriculture you can find it here.

Neem oil

An even more effective solution to combat plant aphids is the one it provides the use of neem oil or azadirachtin, when we operate in the professional field.
The main effect of this product on aphids is to block the development of insects in the juvenile stages (juvenising action).
In particular, it is able to interfere with the hormonal system by causing a chitin inhibitory effect based on blocking ecdysone.
The greatest effectiveness is therefore on the juvenile stages, as it causes changes in the moult, preventing the larva from forming the external cuticle. A specific product for agriculture you can find it here.

We emphasize that neem oil and azadirachtin (its active ingredient) are allowed in organic farming. It is in fact a natural molecule with no accumulation capacity in the environment. It is also very photolabile, meaning that it degrades immediately with exposure to sunlight.
It is non-toxic to vertebrate organisms and has non-significant toxicity to pollinating insects, i.e. bees and other pollinators. However, it is good practice to use it in the evening, when these insects are not active.

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Aphids Plant Lice Parasites

What are aphids and how are they fought? Types of aphids and natural, organic remedies and products against aphids or plant lice.

The aphids or aphidoidea, are animal parasites, phytophagous insects very prolific green or black which are commonly called plant lice, belonging to the family of Rhychota.


by GermoglioVerde Published on 27 October 2020 Updated on 7 March 2021

How many times has it happened to you to find the leaves or flowers of your plants ruined without knowing how to give you a concrete explanation? Well that explanation is called parasites or small insects that are famous precisely for the fact that they feed on flowers, buds and leaves causing considerable damage to our plants.

When you see or have sick plants in your garden due to small parasitic insects, the solution that immediately comes to mind to care for plants, is to run to the nearest garden store to home. The intention is to purchase a chemical product suitable for eliminating the annoying insects.


If you have any plants to care for in your vegetable gardens or gardens, if you want to eliminate insects from diseased plants you can try this method, which is not harmful to the environment, effective and invigorating for plants, it costs nothing. It is sufficient to bury around the plant to be treated, spaced apart 40 cm from the trunk, about ten garlic cloves sprouted. Soon the garlic will turn into seedlings.

The roots of the infested plant will absorb the mood of the garlic and this will begin to flow into the sap of the plant itself. In this way it will produce, in a short time, a disinfectant effect, removing the parasites in natural way.

A great method for take care of plants.


In addition to the use of garlic, which is mostly suitable for large plants (cherry, apricot, peach, etc.), there are other natural methods to eliminate insects from plants.

We can put these natural remedies into practice at home without any particular problem. With these methods it is possible to try to eradicate those parasites that infest small plants.

One of these remedies is to soak some cigarette butts in water for at least one night. Afterwards, everything is filtered and the water obtained is placed in a spray bottle.

We can then move on to the spraying of diseased leaves with this water. To be done in the morning if possible, and let it carry out its action throughout the day.

Towards evening it is advisable to rinse the leaves with clean water. This for to avoid that the effect of burnt tobacco damages the plant in some way. The effects should be visible within a few days.


Another method similar to the previous one to eliminate insects from plants still involves the use of tobacco. It is necessary to macerate the amount of tobacco from 3 cigarettes in half a liter of water for one night.

To this are added 3 cloves squeezed garlic. The following day, everything is filtered and poured into a sprayer. This will wet the leaves of the plants attacked by parasites or aphids that are. In this case there is no need to rinse, as the compound obtained is not harmful to the plant.


The most obvious solution to this type of problem is to use special products that can easily be found in supermarkets or gardening shops. However, not everyone knows that to eliminate parasites there are natural remedies that do not require the use of chemicals and that we can consequently adopt immediately.

Most of the time the product we buy turns out to be effective. However, we do not take into account that, with its use, we poison the environment that surrounds us and a little bit of ourselves too.

  • The garlic: it is the main ally against plant parasites in fact it acts as an antibacterial, anti mite, anti aphid etc. To use it we have two possibilities, either we plant cloves directly at the base of the plants to be protected (making sure to engrave them first in order to prevent them from developing), or we can prepare an infusion made of chopped bulbs and water and pour it into the ground and onto the plant.
  • Beer: among the enemies of our plants, unfortunately, we also find snails that cause quite serious damage. To prevent this from happening we can plant glasses in the ground up to the edge, and fill them with 2 cm of beer, as apparently the snails are crazy about it! In this way they will be attracted into the glasses leaving the plants alone.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: it is excellent against fungal diseases and can therefore be used by diluting a teaspoon in a liter of water and adding a little tea tree essential oil.
  • Chili pepper: a powder can be extracted from the seeds of chilli which is an excellent repellent for snails and a deterrent for aphids. To use it you need to put 2g of powder in 1 liter of water, filter everything and distribute it on the plants once a week.
  • Absinthe: to use it as a repellent for insects and caterpillars it is necessary to use the leaves and summer inflorescences and make an infusion with a teaspoon of dry plant and a liter of water.

These are just some of the natural remedies to eliminate parasites from plants as there are many solutions and all very effective.


An aphid infestation can destroy an entire plant, and if left untreated, it can also spread to surrounding plants. These parasites suck the sap of the plant, damaging the leaves, stems and flowers. The honeydew they excrete when they feed can induce the growth of a blackish mold, and some aphids can also spread viruses on plants when they feed. Taming an outbreak of aphids can be difficult, however a combination of biological deterrents, natural oils, soaps, and sprays can often bring things under control, especially if the infestation is still in its early stages.


The ground coffee, obtained by letting the grounds left in the coffee pot air dry, can be sprinkled along the edges of the garden to ward off snails without resorting to harmful chemicals. Another useful solution in this regard is represented by ash.


If ants eat your roses or invade your kitchen, put a strip of baking soda on all doors and windows. If your dogs or cats often have fleas, or to avoid them, prepare a mixture of baking soda and salt to spread on the carpets and in the corners where pets pass, leaving it to act 24 hours before removing with the vacuum cleaner. .

If you want to say goodbye to cockroaches, prepare a mixture with half part of baking soda and half of sugar and leave it in various areas of the kitchen. Finally, if you have a vegetable garden or pots of plants that are attacked by insects and fungi, dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in a liter of water, put it in a diffuser and spray it on the crops. You can also wash the leaves by soaking cotton wool with this mixture.


If you don't want to use the natural remedies for eliminate insects from plants you can use some of the chemicals on the market.

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To combat and eliminate aphids with natural remedies you can opt for different strategies. If the infestation is still mild they can manually remove parasites or pour a strong jet of water on them, in order to detach them and sweep them away. A second strategy consists, instead, in the use of macerated, such as the macerate of tobacco, chilli, garlic and nettle . It is already possible to find some of the latter compounds based on nettle on the market ideal for fighting these insects and especially effective against white aphids.

Even the Neem can be used successfully to fight these parasites naturally, particularly to prevent further future attacks.

If the infestation is already more impressive and advanced, it is possible to try Pyrethrin-based products , to be distributed far from the flowering period because it damages the phytophagous and the bees. These products are from vaporize after diluting them in water rain or osmotic on the back of the leaves and on the curls. It is preferable to carry out this operation possibly in the evening because the active ingredient is sensitive to light and to avoid rapid degradation and increase its effectiveness, it is advisable to do it in the evening.

Others can be used toxin-based products of natural origin, such as i Spinosad-based products, but if we do not want to use any type of product, we can always take advantage of natural predators such as ladybugs and scissors.

The honeydew on the leaves, on the other hand, can be eliminated with a little Marseille soap, dissolved in water or using special soaps for plants. We just need to gently rub the leaves to eliminate any traces left by the aphid colony.

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Anche l’olio di melalaleuca (tea tree) e olio di neem sono in grado di ottenere un effetto repellente sugli afidi. Possono essere applicati con un batuffolo direttamente sull”infestazione respingendo i parassiti senza danneggiare le piante. Afidi rimedi naturali: eccovi tutte le soluzioni naturali contro questi parassiti delle piante

Una valida alternativa contro i pidocchi delle piante è la cannella, sia in polvere che in bastoncini. Nel primo caso bisogna cospargerne la pianta, mentre nel secondo si può realizzare molto semplicemente un decotto, da spruzzare sulla zona da trattare una volta che si è raffreddato. Molto potente è anche l’olio di cannella di Ceylon: basta diluirne alcune gocce in acqua e lavare la pianta con questo composto.

Anche un mix di acqua e peperoncino tritato può essere molto efficace contro i parassiti: una volta preparata deve essere lasciata riposare per almeno una notte, e in seguito deve essere filtrata per essere applicata sulle piante. Il trattamento deve essere effettuato un paio di volte alla settimana.

Fungicida all’aglio

L’aglio possiede ottime capacità micotiche contro le malattie fungine. Diversi studi scientifici hanno comprovato la sua efficacia contro la proliferazione di funghi nelle coltivazioni.

Here it is come realizzare una miscela fungicida. Schiacciate quattro teste d’aglio e fatele bollire con mezza tazza di bicarbonato in 4 litri d’acqua. Lasciate raffreddare a temperatura ambiente e successivamente, utilizzando un annaffiatoio bagnate lentamente il terreno intorno alle piante infette così che il preparato possa penetrare in profondità.

Naturalmente, l’aglio non è la bacchetta magica contro tutti i funghi: alcuni saranno molto più difficili da debellare.

Insomma, l’aglio non è buono solo per tenere lontano i vampiri o per dare più gusto ai nostri piatti preferiti: è un’impareggiabile alleato nella lotta ai funghi e ai parassiti del giardino.

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